Jun 30

It was a year ago this week that I set out on what I’m glad I didn’t know at the time was going to be a life-changing experience. It boggles my mind how much has happened, but that’s for another writing session. The 1-year anniversary of my last day with Carly Lu was a tough one, but I think I processed much of the sadness in the weeks leading up to it. By afternoon on the day of, puttering in the garden with chickens and cats and Piper, I felt remarkably calm. And for the first time ever I just intuitively got a strong sense of “Stop worrying. It’s OK.”

After dozens of good sightings and many near-misses as I raced to catch up with her, the trail had gone very cold over the past 6 months. A couple “possibles”, but nothing that was detailed or current enough to be certain of. Until yesterday.

This one came in by text message around 10 AM:

i think i may have spotted your runaway in pb on gresham. i heard a really loud noise outside and it looked like your bird on the telephone wires. i immediately searched craigslist and when i found your ad she was gone. my roommate said she saw her a few days ago on our street as well. we’re going to keep our eyes out for her again!

The info she provided had good detail, including the red tail, and she sent a YouTube clip she found of a Grey making a similar sound. It was sort of like the African Grey “war whoop” they do sometimes when flying, but shorter. It seemed odd that she’d be doing that while sitting on a wire, until the spotter texted,

there was a crow next to her

— which then made perfect sense. Still having arguments with crows.

She was seen around 7:30 in the morning on Monday (6/29). The roommate saw her around 7 PM the previous Friday. The location is just south of the area where she was last sighted numerous times, and right along a north-south corridor of some earlier ones.

Carly Sightings Map June2015

(click image to enlarge)

On these telephone wires:

Gresham & Thomas St, Pacific Beach, San Diego

Gresham & Thomas St, Pacific Beach, San Diego

So this is very good news. I’d planned to send out new updates this week to remind people she’s still at large, and with the return of the Red-crowned Amazons it’s possible she’s hanging with them again. Now I’ll add to my list some fresh flyers in the area she was seen, and pass out my Carly Lu calling cards on that block.

It would be wonderful to see her again, but it’s also very nice to get the occasional postcard from the wild.

Copies of flyers are here:


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