Training “Review” Scam

Posted by Raz on Jun 10th, 2008
Jun 10

A site purporting to be an “unbiased” review of parrot training courses has recently appeared on Google searches for parrot training.

First, does that page layout look familiar? Everything in one big long column in the middle of the page, with big red titles?

Next, who is this “Dane Stanton” person and his “Peak Reviews” and what are their qualifications
for evaluating parrot training material? Here’s his profile (AKA Josh Stanton) with the impressive list of products he has reviewed (most of the sites are inactive):

He seems to be really into Paid Survey Marketing (under the guise of “don’t get ripped off by scams” no less — try google search on: “josh stanton” scam)

But wait — there’s more! For only $29.95 …

NO, for you first time visitors this part is FREE! Dane (aka Josh) Stanton apparently has extensive experience with goldfish also!

Next, check out the 4 products supposedly being reviewed. The first one is a product, the second is… er… another product (oopsie) on training parrots to talk, the third is a book about bird care but not training, and the fourth — also about training parrots to talk — looks suspiciously like one of Birdtricks’ ebook affiliate sites. In fact, both of the last two products are part of Clickbank, an internet affiliate marketing group whose sites have much the same layout and style as Birdtricks: (type the words “bird” and “parrot” into the search box). By an odd coincidence, of the few sites still active in Josh’s fat resume of Peak Reviews, most of the products “reviewed” are Clickbank sites. To get an idea of the kind of business Clickbank runs, check out the Clickbank Scam Reports on .

Interestingly, of the parrot training courses reviewed, one that Josh gives a “90″ (the lowest score but still an “A”) is a Clickbank affiliate ( with this sage advice:

“…….The first key to parrot discipline is understanding that parrots will naturally seek dominance within their flock. Which means your parrot, shall we call him Shakes, will initially see himself as the potential head of the family. He will want to do whatever feels right at the time, and answering to your beck and call probably isn’t on his list of high priorities. Your first and most persistent lesson is to teach Shakes that you are the one in control, that you are the dominant member of the flock……..”

For those of you fortunate enough to not be aware of this archaic view of parrot training, Dr. Susan Friedman has an excellent article, “The Struggle for Dominance: Alternatives to Parrot Breaking.”

The snakey web between all these get-rich-quick internet marketers is so convoluted it’s astounding. The one common theme appears to be “Make a Lot of Money Fast.” Is it any wonder their parrot training advertisements put so much emphasis on how quick and “brain dead simple” their supposed secrets are? What do you think they spend more time with — learning about marketing or training birds?


Sadly, the owner of BirdBoard has also posted an advertisement for one of these “purchase your own” bird training sites, called

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