New remarks on Bird Tricks by Sid Price

Posted by Raz on Dec 12th, 2008
Dec 12

Due to more unethical activity associated with the’s extensive marketing operation, Sid Price has recently published two blog posts about the issue.

One is a guest post at Best in Flock, Don’t Fall for Deceptive Bird Training Tricks .

The other is a follow-up on his own Avian Ambassadors Bird Training Blog,
Bird Tricks to Avoid

Many web site domains are actually owned directly, others are affiliates, and still others are now refusing to disclose ownership information which has normally been easily accessible by a web search.

As a part of my research on Bird Tricks marketing strategies I discovered that Womach Productions the owners of the Bird Tricks web site has in fact some 70+ Internet domain names (Internet locations) registered. This one fact alone explains in part how they have raised their Internet visibility. Now there is nothing wrong with this strategy; for anyone whose primary goal is a money making scheme using the Internet it is a great idea. The actual number of domain names registered to Womach Productions may well be even higher because as I researched various web sites I found a new trend, hiding access to the data records of who actually owns the site.

My web site name and blog post titles are being used by these web sites as a marketing tactic also, without links to the actual content posted here. Information requested from the site owners for identification has not been forthcoming, so there is no verification whether they are directly owned or affiliates. The Birdtricks operation claims that they do not own the domains, and cannot control any affiliate sites that receive compensation from sales of their products. However even without ownership, the marketers do have the sole control over who they allow to be affiliates and earn income from.

The bottom line is the training information being promoted on these sites is at best of poor quality, at worst antithetical to reputable professional training standards.

Please spread the link to this post or Sid’s posts directly, in your blog, forum, or by email. This will help spread the word about how to spot those self-proclaimed trainers and/or affiliates who are just out to make money by exploiting a targeted “niche market” they think will be too naive to notice.

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