Carly & Piper active, in the air and otherwise!

Posted by Raz on Apr 29th, 2012
Apr 29

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It has been 7 months since my last blog post.

Carly’s beach flying was on a bit of a hiatus for awhile after I discovered last fall that there were two nesting pairs of Peregrine falcons whose territories overlapped right around Scripps Pier (our usual starting point). So we have been flying a bit around the Cuyamaca College campus — with Piper — and hit the beach again this weekend on a beautiful warm day after a kelp tank dive (see the nice new Kelp Cam!)

Instead of flying by the pier, where there are fewer human distractions, I let her fly around La Jolla Shores area where there is less likelihood of falcon distractions. Lots of pigeons and seagulls there, and fortunately the crows that had been abundant and always harassing her were no longer around. But instead of getting lots of exercise in the air she chose to do just a couple trips and then spend time visiting with people. What can you do? You can lead a bird to the beach…. She met a nice family of surfers who had just been competing in a girls competition — ages 8 to adult — and enjoyed a lot of time being adored. A new trend? Girls??

Carly & Piper's love nest.

Carly & Piper's love nest.

On the home front, breeding season has been highly active! Piper (4 years old) has still not quite figured out the mechanics, but they are working on it daily. I don’t know about other Grey couples, but this one is not shy about when or where. Carly has been in full nesting furor. I had to put up a sliding door to block off the kitchen because she was so determined to make use of the kitchen cupboards. I think I have successfully set up an area around the cage that is keeping their interest with lots of stuff to chew on and crawl inside: bottlebrush branches, bamboo cuttings, baskets, a wooden nest box, and other goodies. Right now Carly is over there chewing while Piper is keeping watch. When I walk up he does a very fierce display of floofed feathers. At least I think it’s supposed to be fierce.

The nest watch.

The nest watch.

This morning I was biking through Balboa Park, and the San Diego Bird Rescue group was there as usual on Sundays. They have a very nice 7-month old Grey named Siri (great name for a Grey!) who is up for adoption. From what I have heard them say about training it seems the group is on the right track. They have an application process for adoption that includes a home visit, discussion about the responsibilities involved in having a parrot in the home, a visit to their aviary to find a good match, and classes on caring for parrots for those who need them. They directed me to the web site for more info — I asked if they offered classes for other parrot owners — but the web site doesn’t say much. I’d like to know more about how they operate, and their facilities, training methods, etc. It’s nice that they bring a group out to the park to be outdoors and be around different people. (All clipped of course…)

Siri, age 7 months.

Siri, age 7 months.

San Diego Bird Rescue at Balboa Park.

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  1. Sid Price Says:

    Welcome bback my friend(s) good to hear from you it’s been too long since we had dinner!

  2. raz Says:

    Hi Sid! Yes, too long. I enjoyed your blog post about “scientific facts.” May have to assign that for my students. Something I’m always trying to drive home!

    Coveting the raptor handling workshop too…. One of these days I have to do that!

  3. John-Parrot Says:

    What a great blog, I will definitely be back for more great reading! This group sounds wonderful, especially the steps they take to ensure that the people interested in adopting parrots are matched up with the best parrots possible. You absolutely want to make sure that they are prepared for the commitment to a pet parrot and also have the home and finances to provide the best bird cage and best bird toys possible to meet the needs of their new friend!

  4. Danmcq Says:

    I have always loved reading your blogs on Carlylu. I have shared your website link on our forum. Your posts there have been missed!! – Dan