Garden sun, acclimation — and victory?

Posted by Raz on Jul 14th, 2013
Jul 14

Piper has become so well-adjusted outdoors over the past year or so. Such a big improvement from the bird who — for what seemed like forever — would startle outdoors at the drop of a pine needle. This was definitely an “easy does it” approach to acclimation, totally at his pace. But I suspect that this type of training is more robust in the long run and less susceptible to unexpected regression. He also took his first bath recently. Only took 5 years! The duo enjoying some afternoon shade in the garden.

In less happy news, our local Complainer-in-Chief and Most Despised Person in Neighborhood, Dick — real name — finally, after a year, got 2 other people to sign his petition against the birds, and sent it to the city. I got a notice on my door. But we discovered he totally conned the others into signing. He told a new resident that the birds were bothering “everyone”, so she signed to be friendly, and didn’t know it was for a complaint to the city. Turns out she’s not bothered at all, and she and her husband whistle back and forth with them often. Then he told a second woman that the birds were driving the first one “f-ing crazy”, and they only needed one more signature. She had refused before, but signed to be helpful to her next door neighbor, and he sent it in to the noise abatement office.

For context, this is the guy that I was warned about before moving in to my house, whose demands for a curfew time became more and more outrageous (no sounds from backyard after 4 pm!), who calls police on neighbors’ family gatherings, wanted my landlords to “do something” about the mockingbirds in their tree, yells out racist remarks to Spanish speaking kids and workers, and has been repeatedly seen spying through my fence.

This Dick is one of these people who totally isolates himself and obsesses over grievances (many other neighbors have been the Target du Jour). What this type do not realize is that normal people actually talk to each other. Bottom line is that both women told the noise police that they really weren’t personally bothered by the birds, and now that they’re aware of the scam they’re pissed at the guy. I won’t know the outcome for a few days, but NP were strongly hinting that they’re getting the idea Dick is rather unstable, and are going to talk to the women again. If this gets thrown out he has no other avenues of complaint. Fini.

Sad part is that in the course of all this the city officials became aware of my rooster — who I’d built a fine soundproof coop for so there were no morning wake up calls. Other than that he rarely crows. But roos are illegal within city limits, so now he has to go.

*** Seeking Free Range Home: 1 Red Cochin Bantam Rooster. Friendly and clicker-trained! Free clicker training lessons for new owner or affiliated 4-H group *** 


UPDATE: The city is now saying that because my single-family home lot is in an area zoned to allow low-density multi-family units as well as single-family units, chickens are prohibited.  I am right at the edge of a tiny multi-family-unit-allowable zoning area, totally surrounded by single-family  homes.  There is a small apartment complex at the end of the block.  Fight begins…

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