Mr Roo goes to a new home

Posted by Raz on Jul 29th, 2013
Jul 29

After a long search, Mr Roo finally has a new home: Papa’s Garden free range egg ranch!  A friend found them at a local farmer’s market, and they were in the market for a nice Cochin banty rooster.  They just moved onto a 3 acre property in Alpine, and he’ll have lots of girlfriends to choose from there.

In our training he had learned how to target, jump up 2 feet in the air to touch a stick, hop up onto a perch, and step up and sit on my arm.  And in just the last couple days I discovered he liked to be held and scratched on the neck. He got a little injury on his beak and while I cleaned it and put ointment on he just layed his head on my arm and closed his eyes.

This is Roo on his last afternoon at home, napping with Eliza Doo after a long, vigorous dirt bath.  Gonna miss this guy.

Mr Roo and Eliza Doo, 27 July 2013

Mr Roo and Eliza Doo, 27 July 2013


Papa’s Garden

Roo's new mom

Roo’s new mom

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  1. Carole Says:

    With a mom like you, I would expect such things from a sweet rooster. I am surprised that you haven’t trained gold fish? M
    aybe later? Do the hens do any tricks?