Link to Carly Flyer. Please post on social media or print and post anywhere around San Diego beach and bay areas, from Ocean Beach to La Jolla.

Please help put the word out to help find Carly. She had been flying at the bay Tuesday 6/24 around sunset as we often do and a friend inadvertently allowed her to fly again after dark when I was bringing my car over. She was last seen doing her normal loop around the park by the visitor center, and apparently went up to roost somewhere. This is why I don’t let them fly for very long after sunset. They will suddenly decide it’s time for bed and settle in for the night, and it can be impossible to find where they’ve roosted.

Carly will come to me immediately after daylight, or sometimes fly down to someone else if I’m not where she is. She wears a small dog tag with my phone number just in case she goes visiting, since she used to be so incurably social. But I was not able to find her after exhaustive searching the next morning.

Once posters, flyers and TV news reports went out, we have had many sightings See blog posts.

She and Piper have flown between the bay and my house many times, and their flying area is quite large (as you can see in the post below), so she is comfortable and knows her way around. In other words, she is not likely to be wandering around scared or disoriented. The metal name/phone tag is on a stainless steel screw link attached to her leg band, and she has never taken it off (even when I’ve forgotten to). You can see it in the photo of her and Piper below.

She is normally so gregarious, it is difficult to imagine her staying out for so many days without approaching someone. She visits with people at the park all the time with me. That said, she is not nearly as “people crazy” (or red-haired guy crazy) as she used to be.

She has also been sighted often with another parrot, probably a wild green Amazon, and is frequenting the same trees the flocks eat and roost in (though has not been seen with a flock.)

My fear initially was that she approached someone early the following morning who was enough of a lowlife to try to keep or sell an animal that was wearing an ID tag. It’s still possible, though unlikely with all the publicity and reward offered, but if anyone in the San Diego area has seen someone with a new African Grey fitting her description, or has heard a new parrot nearby, please contact me. The photos below are quite accurate for how she looks right now.

Additional info:

  • She is normally very friendly with people, but has not been going to anyone even when encouraged.
  • Common vocalizations are:   What?     Nowwww what?     Porker!   as well as whistling tunes, loud whistling calls, beeps, electronic sounds and talking. She is especially fond of the “Bridge on the River Kwai” song (aka “Comet Song”).
  • Contact calls: a YOOHOO! type whistle, and a whistle like when calling a dog.
  • If you see her and want to keep her attention, these things might work: bag or boxes of snack food (cookies, crackers, nuts), drinks in cups — or whistling (anything, they like hearing something new)


Anyone with solid information who has seen or heard her in recent days can email me through my website CONTACT page. (Please forgive me if I don’t reply immediately to personal notes at this time.) If you see her NOW, please call me immediately. Thanks!

FYI: There are posts on Craigslist, 911-ParrotAlert, etc., and I have gone around in person to pet stores and vets with her information. Department of Animal Control is on watch, and all the major local network news stations have run stories.