Another Grey Reunion: Rocky

Posted by Raz on Jan 18th, 2016
Jan 18

Because I keep an ad for Carly on Craigslist at all times, in case she decides to approach humans again, I get called almost every time there’s an African Grey found in the area. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve responded to.

This morning I got a call for a Grey found in La Mesa, about 20 min drive away. She was in a tree in a backyard, fairly comfortable, not distressed. (But I could tell immediately not mine — though she was a dead ringer for Carly, she had a band on the opposite leg and also quite a few little red-factor down feathers.


I found an ad from the owner on Craigslist a short time after I arrived. She got out of their aviary last night when a new puppy startled her.I was a little alarmed when the man and his son picked her up. She fought and screamed and didn’t want to let go of that branch. I asked how she was kept and it turns out she’s in a large aviary and hangs out with the dad, but apparently not handled a lot. (Explains why she was so relaxed outside too.) He was SO glad to find her — almost in tears — so I know she has a caring home. She’s 6 years old, named Rocky (but I’m fairly certain “he” is a she by the size, shape of the head, and grey tipped undertail feathers).

The only reason the woman at the house noticed her was that the neighbors dogs had seen the bird and were barking at it. Greys can be very hard to spot if they’re just minding their own business. (Piper on the other hand…. I’ve actually had 6 calls once in one hour when we were out flying.)


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