If you’ve lost a parrot, saturating the neighborhood with flyers is THE most effective way to get people on the lookout, and many eyes and ears are critical. Greys often keep a very low profile when lost if they’re not used to being outdoors. They can be nearby, hidden by trees or bushes, and absolutely silent. It’s not uncommon for this to go on for several days before the bird comes out and approaches people.

Use the link below for ready-made flyers that you can print — just open in a graphics program and add your phone number. One version prints 2 flyers per 8.5×11″ sheet, like the sample below, and the other prints 9 small “wallet size” flyers (these are handy for people to put up on the fridge!)

If you are looking for high quality and inexpensive color copying, I highly recommend MGX Copy in San Diego. Copy orders are processed quickly and can be mailed or picked up at their office if you’re local. All orders are placed online.

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