The difference a little flying makes

Posted by Raz on Aug 11th, 2009
Aug 11

Piper had his first exam at the vet today, and the doctor said he looked a little fat. I didn’t think that could be true, since he is barely over his newly-weaned weight from a year ago, but he thought he looked a bit chubby around the pectoral area. Then when he got to the physical exam he felt Piper’s chest and said, “Ah, muscles!”

He has said before that he rarely sees birds who fly enough to have developed pecs. Kind of sad that even a good, experienced avian vet sees muscles so seldom that he doesn’t recognize them by sight.

During the exam and nail trimming Piper did a stunning performance of non-stop growling, in between flying loops around the office. Carly went first, and acted (as usual) like she goes there for social visits every day.