Flying with Pigeons & Seals

Posted by Raz on Dec 5th, 2008
Dec 5

OK, the seals weren’t flying.

Carly and I visited Children’s Cove, the sheltered beach along the rocky shoreline south of La Jolla where the harbor seals hang out. I let her fly there for a bit, and it was quite an experience. She loved diving down the small cliffs of the cove, and was joined by a large flock of pigeons. Much harder to spot the African Grey in a flock of 50 pigeons than in a group of seagulls!

The brown lumps on the beach are seals.


More photos….


Piper Learns About the World

Posted by Raz on Nov 22nd, 2008
Nov 22

I’m upping Piper’s excursions. I take Carly by herself most often when I do errands, because she is easy and also seems to do well when we have some one-on-one time like that. But today we had a family outing to Home Depot, and then a little training time in the pine tree at the park. Carly has a great time in the hardware aisle — hundreds of little tiny bags of parrot toys! Piper was apprehensive with all the people and busy-ness, so he rode in a carrier in the cart and observed. I really think one of the reasons Carly is so unflappable (?) outside is because she had so much exposure before freeflying.

Piper adapts pretty well once he’s done something a few times. He’s a great little car rider now. And today in the park he was very relaxed walking around and doing a little fun work in the pine tree, even after his big adventure the other day. I think with Carly it finally got to the point where experiencing new things was just nothing new. That’s our goal.

Piper being puffy in the park, while Carly chills.

piper being puffy

carly hangin

So, finally, a question: what is it about Home Depot and parrots? I have met workers there who have parrots, and today met two more. Both men in their 60’s, one with a 3-yr old Amazon, and one with a teenage Grey. The man with the Grey had one who recently died also, at the age of 75! He was his 3rd owner.