nom nom nom — our foraging stuff

Posted by Raz on Mar 27th, 2009
Mar 27

Breakfast is served: our morning foraging tray

breakfast tray

Those little brown paper things contain seeds, sprouts, pellets, and are stuffed inside things everywhere. Sometimes they’re also put inside little plastic zip bags with beads & small toys.

I try to put small quantities (1/2 tsp or so) in each pack, so there are enough of them to spread out well and keep them busy for a long time. Afterwards, a lot of the goodies, as well as the paper, beads, etc., have fallen on the cage floor and they go down there to rummage the scraps. I also hide some things inside their buckets of toys so they don’t find them until later.

Some long lasting things help keep things available during the day too, like carrots, and branches of parsley or kale stuck in their hanging toys.

nom nom

Sometimes they are still going back to rummage through stuff in the evening after I’m home.

Yep, it takes 20-30 min to get all this ready in the morning (or night before), but they enjoy it so much it’s a battle to keep them out of their cage once it’s set up. I bring the same things to work with me when they come along, and I can’t tell you how much calmer they are during the day. It’s well worth the time!

An excellent DVD on foraging for pet birds: Cative Foraging for Parrots