Where have all the Amazons gone?

Posted by Raz on Aug 29th, 2014
Aug 29

After the 2-in-one-day sightings of August 1st at the far northwest and far northeast of Pacific Beach, there has been a long lull. Some 3rd hand reports, and some strange calls, but nothing very firm. What’s odd is that the Red-crowned Amazons that she was usually near, and sometimes spotted with, have also gone silent. During the SoCal Parrot mini-count on August 23 — with spotters visiting NW Pacific Beach up into Mt Soledad, Ocean Beach/Pt Loma and Coronado — the only sightings were conures.

Anyone seen Amazon flocks around San Diego in the last week or so? See the How to Spot Red-Crowned Amazons post to tell them apart from the conures that also frequent this area.

The only Greys reported recently were in Coronado, which I’ve now searched and posted pretty well. In fact, when a Coronado resident’s Grey escaped and was found, the finder got a barrage of messages telling him to contact me. It turns out that bird lives about half a block from where one was sighted up on a telephone wire. Another report near there was of 2 Greys. A couple doors down is a house with a Hyacinth and a Scarlet Macaw also, so maybe the Greys — Carly? — were investigating. Seems like a long distance, but from south Mission Bay it’s about the same distance to north Pacific Beach or Coronado if you go by air.

The excitement this week was when someone called with a Carly sighting — two sitting on a wire by their house in the Nautilus St area of Mt Soledad, where I’ve been hoping to find the Amazons. They rushed out to find one of the posters they had seen and called while the birds were still there. Then I rushed over and searched (they had flown while I was driving) but didn’t see anything parrotlike at all until 2 Cherry-headed Conures flew into a sycamore two doors down from the caller’s house, at — of all the strange street names — Avenida Bizarro. I walked back over to talk to them again, a woman and her 10-yr old daughter. “Did you get a good look at the color?” Mom: “Not really, they had the sun behind them. Did you see what color they were?” Daughter: “Green.” [facepalm]

Bizarro World African Greys


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