Where’s the Beast?

Posted by Raz on Jan 19th, 2015
Jan 19

Carly has been seen repeatedly in north Pacific Beach over the last 5 months. Most of the sightings from August on have been in a small area to the west of Kate Sessions Park. Several of these sightings were very close up, and/or by multiple people at the same time. Once, perhaps twice, she was at Campland by the Bay with Piper. When seen she is often sitting on top of a tall palm or pine tree, or on a telephone wire, whistling and vocalizing loudly. Twice I’ve missed her by just a few minutes.

Now it’s been almost 2 months since the last set of sightings off Foothill Rd. It’s odd that she is repeatedly seen many times within a short period, then completely disappears for long stretches:

  • At the end of July she was seen several times (near Tourmaline beach and elsewhere in north PB) then was not seen for 8 weeks.
  • There were multiple sightings around Monmouth, Beryl, and Loring between Sept 25th and Oct 12th, then nothing for a month.
  • In mid-November there were more sightings in the same area, off Foothill Dr, and then several people saw her at Campland with Piper on Nov. 23. Nothing in the 7 weeks since.


I’m really wondering if she is laying low trying to nest somewhere during these times. Apparently it’s normal for Greys and Amazons to keep sitting on infertile eggs for up to 6 weeks. If that’s the case, she’s due for an appearance.

This is a shot taken by someone at Campland, when Piper was sitting in another tree, a zoom in on what looks like her black ID tag.

Grey with Piper at Campland.

Grey with Piper at Campland.

Photo of Grey at Campland, and Carly's tag.

Zoom of Grey at Campland, and Carly’s tag.


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